1. 01 Jul '13, 2am

    Nike Dunks - Your Shoes With Comfort and Fashion

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  2. 10 Jun '13, 1am

    Again we show the world how backward we are. Come on Singapore, there must be a better way!

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  3. 08 Jun '13, 3am


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  4. 07 Jun '13, 11am

    Rubber duck sails in hong kong.. It is Unbelievable. <a href="" rel="no follow">hong kong sailing</a>.

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  5. 07 Jun '13, 9am


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  6. 04 Jun '13, 1pm

    The cheapest men's haircut is at Mumbai Xpress Barber shop at R30. They in Northcliff, Johannesburg on corner of Fir drive and Weltevreden road. Prices sometimes drop to low as R15 during the week! Upmarket salon and very friendly staff. They also do threading, steam shaves and the unforgettable Indian head massages.

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  7. 28 May '13, 2am

    Well done Anthony Chen, you've done Singapore proud!

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  8. Halal 08 Nov '11, 4am
    19 May '13, 11pm

    Check out for a list of halal fast food restaurants in Singapore.

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  9. 19 May '13, 11pm

    You can find the full list of halal restaurants in Universal Studio Singapore as well as Sentosa island at

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  10. 08 May '13, 4pm

    Nope, not working...

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  11. 09 Apr '13, 9am

    Proud of our boys in blue!

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  12. 03 Apr '13, 4am

    > A man who will never need to get an abortion mansplains to us about how women should not take the “easy way out”.

    Haha I like the new word "mansplains".

    Interesting though, most of the comments are bashing the author for... being male. So if the author was female, would her views then be more valid?

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  13. 06 Mar '13, 9am

    We should go one step further and actually subsidize and bring down public transport fares. Surely all that COE and ARF surplus should help cover this.

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  14. 06 Mar '13, 6am

    the impact is not great.

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  15. 14 Feb '13, 6pm

    i agreed great web.

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  16. 14 Feb '13, 6pm

    food in singapore is not great now. they use overseas helpers to cook, not the original guys who do it anymore.

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  17. 14 Feb '13, 6pm

    super delicious, nice decor, nice food.

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  18. 14 Feb '13, 6pm

    how about the consumer like me any compensation?

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  19. 14 Feb '13, 6pm

    oh dear, who would have guess that outcome.

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  20. 14 Feb '13, 6pm

    so violent singaporean.

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  21. 14 Feb '13, 5pm

    very informative website. information is straight to the point no beating around the bush. excellent master lawrence chan. thank you for sharing. hope readers will take a look at your web.

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  22. 13 Feb '13, 9am

    i'm malay, i'm johorean and i'm appalled by his behaviour. they're supposedly ketua agama islam in their respective states yet this is how they behave. we can make do with these people. i did not vote for them. some traditions we can do without for the better of our nation. Mahathir once amended the constitution to reduce their power. i'd vote for a party who'd do the same

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  23. 29 Jan '13, 11am

    my condolences goes to their parents. take care and live well.

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  24. 29 Jan '13, 11am

    how fragile life is...

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  25. 17 Jan '13, 5pm


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  26. 17 Jan '13, 5pm

    must try this

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  27. 17 Jan '13, 5pm

    wow can't resist having this...yummy

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  28. 14 Jan '13, 1am

    This is in rather bad taste, but...

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  29. 08 Jan '13, 10am

    The trend to make patients take unnecessary surgeries and cover-up of malpractices caused by misdiagnoses need to be stopped. Great to see that someone with the means is taking on the mighty establishment. Hope that the court will be fair.

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  30. 05 Jan '13, 3am

    If any Indian does and has done any of the following he or she is a party to the rapes and murders of women in India:

    4. Follow extreme superstitions; follow miracle makers or middlemen to God called swamis, sadhus,
    5. Still follow the caste and class system,
    6. Have a false sense of cultural superiority over societies of other nations - especially western
    7. Not have self-respect and self-esteem and play crony to political leaders
    8. Worship people, make large self promoting big picture birthday hoardings by street sides,
    9. Think police and judges are on their side
    10. Believe Indian media is independent
    11. Elect immoral and corrupt leaders, support bad political dynasties
    12. Not vote
    13. Be meek, afraid, docile and avoid confrontation, refuse to help others

    The saddest part is that the do-nothing and weak middle class will go back to their homes and into hibernation and will not come out for any social cause and help any one for a long time.

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