1. 14 Apr '14, 7pm

    we pray for nigeria God Bless Nigeria

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  2. 18 Mar '14, 2am

    This theory sounds plausible to me. Don't really think the suicide theories hold up when you consider all the maneuvering this aircraft did in the first two hours. Seems like they were setting themselves up for something....that's where this theory would dovetail right in. Very interesting.

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  3. 04 Mar '14, 7am

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  4. 04 Mar '14, 7am

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  5. 23 Jan '14, 11am


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  6. 02 Jan '14, 12am


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  7. 25 Dec '13, 12am

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  8. 20 Nov '13, 1pm (a song sang by sze kee) so sad the lyrics became true...

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  9. 15 Nov '13, 8am

    What a misleading headline... volume falls by 48% but prices reach their highest ever...!

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  10. 28 Oct '13, 10am

    Wah shiokz. Idea for our great leaders: maybe these announcements of unprecedented ERP rates should coincide with announcements of unprecedented improvements in public transport like "number of trains increased by 20%"...

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  11. 10 Oct '13, 7am

    Awesome ICA press release

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  12. 07 Sep '13, 2pm

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  13. 14 Aug '13, 8am

    What a rip off, anyone has any recommendations on alternative providers?

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  14. 02 Aug '13, 1am

    Conform or else!

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  15. 18 Jul '13, 12am

    Always heartening to see a criminal reformed ;p

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  16. 06 Jul '13, 10pm

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  17. 05 Jul '13, 1am

    I can only imagine the shock and devastation that you must be experiencing. I am so sorry. I hope you will feel the strength and love from the many people who care about you and your family. Peace and prayers. Please accept my sincere condolence.

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  18. 02 Jul '13, 8am

    VIDEO AIS replay of the collision in Singapore Straits between bulkers Oriental Pioneer and Atlantic Hero

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  19. 01 Jul '13, 2am

    Nike Dunks - Your Shoes With Comfort and Fashion

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  20. 10 Jun '13, 1am

    Again we show the world how backward we are. Come on Singapore, there must be a better way!

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  21. 08 Jun '13, 3am


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  22. 07 Jun '13, 11am

    Rubber duck sails in hong kong.. It is Unbelievable. <a href="" rel="no follow">hong kong sailing</a>.

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  23. 07 Jun '13, 9am


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  24. 04 Jun '13, 1pm

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  25. 28 May '13, 2am

    Well done Anthony Chen, you've done Singapore proud!

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  26. Halal 08 Nov '11, 4am
    19 May '13, 11pm

    Check out for a list of halal fast food restaurants in Singapore.

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  27. 19 May '13, 11pm

    You can find the full list of halal restaurants in Universal Studio Singapore as well as Sentosa island at

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  28. 08 May '13, 4pm

    Nope, not working...

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  29. 09 Apr '13, 9am

    Proud of our boys in blue!

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  30. 03 Apr '13, 4am

    > A man who will never need to get an abortion mansplains to us about how women should not take the “easy way out”.

    Haha I like the new word "mansplains".

    Interesting though, most of the comments are bashing the author for... being male. So if the author was female, would her views then be more valid?

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