21 Sep '17, 6pm

Hanilkwan 한일관 – Grilled Food Based On Korea’s Royal Cuisine. The Bulgogi And Goldongban (Bibimbap) Are Some Of The… https://t.co/zdpkZliv0o

Some of the signatures include the Traditional Galbitang – beef short rib soup (15,000 Won), Doenjang-Jigae – soybean paste stew (10,000 Won), Grilled Boneless Short Rib (39,000 Won), Bulgogi (29,000 Won for 200g), Grilled Chadol-Baeggi – beef brisket and seasoned vegetables (18,000 Won), Haemulpajun – seafood pancake (15,000 Won), and Nokdu Bindaeddok – mung bean pancake (12,000 Won).

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/09/22/hanilkwan/


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