24 Sep '17, 3am

Austrian sausage eatery has reopened at another coffee shop in Dover Crescent!

“We only serve customers who can eat pork, because all our sausages and meat cuts are purely pork. We do not serve chicken or beef,” Erich shared. Since that wasn’t an issue with us, we ordered a Kaesekrainer ($4/pc) – a smoked pork sausage with cheese that is well loved by Austrians. Each pork sausage is actually mixed with a secret cheese recipe, so pork and cheese lovers must try this! The sausage is sliced into pieces, and served with tomato sauce and mustard. The sausage has a slight char on the outside, while the inside had bits of melted cheese. I find that the pork sausages go really well with the tomato sauce which is imported from Germany.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/wuerstelstand/