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Wang Wang Fish Soup – Feast on Fish Soup Any Time of the Day! https://t.co/bO86KYXmrR

Ever since internet sensation, Chuando Tan, stunned the world with his body, everyone has been making an effort to eat healthier and exercise more. The 51-year-old, who has a body of a Greek god and the face of a young adult, said in an interview that eating healthy was the secret to his physique, and he has sliced fish soup for protein. Sliced fish soup doesn’t have to taste bland and boring, and the ones done at Wang Wang Fish Soup sure are tasty. The shop uses batang fish and cooks them in a flavourful broth(not the kind which looks translucent and tastes like salted water) that is loaded with ingredients such as tomatoes, tofu and sze chuan vegetables. We ordered the Double Fish Soup ($5.50). The sliced fish was tender and smooth, and the fried fish was meaty, delicately salted and not too oily. Unlike the fish at some other fish soup stalls, the fried fish wasn’t coat...

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As you are well aware, I have been very focussed on blogging about all the best hawker food in Singapore for the last 8 ye...

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blackspot bream, a deep water species, are commonly found in northern European seas and are commercially fished. However t...

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Pear and Potato Soup with Sage -- amazing recipe

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