27 Feb '18, 5am

Phat Thai Bai Tong – A Hidden Pad Thai Haunt that Celebs Love https://t.co/BGwKZ98pp1

Our driver and tour guide, Mr. Bow, recommended a hidden pad Thai eatery where Thai celebs often patronize. Phat Thai Bai Tong specializes in Phat Thai, and a couple of other dishes that Thai locals and celebs both love and rave about. You’ll notice that the space is pretty small so you should expect a queue if you decide to visit around lunch or dinner time. Phat Thai Bai Tong uses charcoal fire to cook their dishes which, in my opinion, makes the food especially great. The lady boss told us that she makes the pork lard and the sauce for her pad Thai by hand, to ensure their freshness.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/phat-thai-bai-tong/


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