16 Jul '11, 7am

Caramelised char siew at Fu Shi stall in Shunfu is a sell-out. #Singapore

Fu Shi's caramelised Char Siew trumps the rest Succulent kebabs, fiery briyani at Bokhara All-you-can-eat oysters and sushi at Fisherman's Market Michelin-starred chef Laurent Peugeot to helm LP + Tetsu

Full article: http://www.soshiok.com/multimedia/photos/961


By @Misstamchiak | Singapore Food Blog - Man Fu Yuan

By @Misstamchiak | Singapore Food Blog - Man Fu...

misstamchiak.com 13 Jul '11, 3am

When was the last time you went to Man Fu Yuan(满福苑)@ Intercontinental Hotel? For me, it was one year ago. The restaurant w...