14 Mar '18, 1am

The Ultimate Bubble Tea Extravaganza by Team Tam Chiak!

For the classic milk teas, we standardised every order to be the same — classic milk tea with standard pearls, 100% sugar (if the option is available), and no ice. I know I know, you must be thinking “who drinks bubble tea with 100% sugar?” Nevertheless, in order to make a proper comparison across all the brands, sine some do not have the option to customise sugar levels, we stuck to 100% in the name of fairness.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/ultimate-bubble-tea/


Lenovo’s ultimate ThinkPads have arrived in Malaysia https://t.co/JdDCptd4eP

Lenovo’s ultimate ThinkPads have arrived in Mal...

soyacincau.com 14 Mar '18, 10am

2018s ThinkPad X1 Carbon is in pretty much the same situation only this time Lenovo’s also included a touch-screen variant...

Bitcoin: Bubble Or Hyperdeflation?

Bitcoin: Bubble Or Hyperdeflation?

zerohedge.com 16 Mar '18, 11pm

The number one reason Bitcoin may not be a bubble stems from Bitcoin’s technological qualities that make it a superior way...