22 Apr '18, 9am

Chang Ji Gourmet – Super Cheap $1 Bee Hoon and Peanut Porridge https://t.co/y4LsO15xp8

Chang Ji Gourmet sells fried bee hoon, and peanut porridge, for $1. Naturally, we ordered both which set us back a mere $2. The fried bee hoon ($1) comes in a small portion but is filling enough for an early morning breakfast. I must say that the fried bee hoon here does not have the usual slightly sweet tinge from dark soya sauce, which I’m used to. This version of fried bee hoon is more savoury. Spoon some chilli sauce onto the fried bee hoon for a spicy kick. My boss even mentioned that while she does not usually like fried bee hoon, she really enjoyed this one.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/chang-ji-gourmet/


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