27 May '18, 10pm

Fruity Mocktail | Weelicious

As a kid, when my family would go out to dinner, I always wanted to order a shirley temple. I felt so fancy and grown up having a pretty, sparkling drink like the grown ups. Now that I have kids, I love to make mealtime special for them. I try to omit as much of the sugar and junk as I can, so I came up with this Fruity Mocktail. Simply mix together pomegranate juice, sparkling water, and your favorite seasonal fruits for a drink that makes any evening more fun. I loved drinking this fruity mocktail while I was pregnant, too. Skewer some fruits and melon balls to make fun garnishes to top off your beverage. What seasonal fruit will you add?!

Full article: https://weelicious.com/2017/08/03/fruity-mocktail/#.WwsxZ...


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