22 Jun '18, 6am

Shi Li Fang – Affordable And Good Taiwanese Hot Pot In Singapore https://t.co/iY2gMuKQBN

Shi Li Fang – Affordable And Good Taiwanese Hot Pot In Singapore https://t.co/iY2gMuKQBN

But while restaurants such as Hai Di Lao and Beauty In The Pot remains at the top of the hot pot rankings, especially so for their array of tasty soup bases, fresh ingredients and out-of-this-world service, prices there are not necessarily affordable. Thankfully, we have cheaper alternatives such as Shi Li Fang that offer hot pot meals with an equally extensive range of fresh ingredients without compromising on the quality whatsoever.

Full article: http://www.ladyironchef.com/2018/06/shi-li-fang/


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