28 Jun '18, 5pm

#Vegetarian? Don’t miss my Garbanzo Burgers! https://t.co/8en7vLrGt7

Kenya loves burgers, but since becoming a vegetarian, has not eaten them very often. So, I figured, why not try a garbanzo burger? They're packed with protein, low in fat and high in dietary fiber, so they're a great addition to anyone's diet. Even better, these burgers cost very little to make (especially when compared to buying meat or remade veggie burgers), freeze beautifully (so you can make them and keep them on hand for whenever your crew feels like burgers) and make everyone smile when they take a bite! What toppings will you add to your garbanzo burgers?! We're an avocado, tomato, sumac yogurt sauce style family, but love to hear your faves!

Full article: https://weelicious.com/2009/06/16/garbanzo-burgers/