12 Jul '18, 12am

Makko Teck Neo Nonya Café: Mark this Nonya Makko https://t.co/CwXNzxNPu0

The first thing that struck me here was the location, a cul-de-sac end of a HDB row of shop lots, framed by black and white bamboo curtains coloured with Nonya touches and lanterns. Push past the sliding glass doors and the cool interior reminded me of Nonya cafés I ate at, in Malacca- with a very loud counter be-decked with takeaway Nonya snack and kueh-kuehs. I thought they were related. Mdm Shreen Peck or Makko Teck Neo (aunty Teck Neo), 66, had been running this charming little corner café with her sister and son for nine years now and I wondered why had not been here before. It’s a quietly lovable mini-HDB-village centre that has a little hawker centre and wet market. Everyone in the area is a resident or a regular visitor, no casual drop-by visitors around.

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NEO Singapore Meet-Up

NEO Singapore Meet-Up

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