14 Jul '18, 11pm

Veggies and fruits wrapped into one deliciously addictive breakfast treat.

Easter is almost here and my kids are already asking what kind of treats they'll be getting. Carrot Apple Coconut Muffins are the answer! How do you get a vegetable and a fruit in a muffin and end up with an addictive treat! These will satisfy all your needs. Maybe it’s because they hang around me too much, but when my guys know a holiday is coming up, it's all about the food for them. As the name of this recipe states, these muffins are made with carrot, apple and coconut and are so naturally sweet and tender, you could put a few in your kids’ Easter baskets and they wouldn’t be at all out of place. While Carrot Apple Coconut Muffins may not be an obvious substitute for jelly beans, Peeps or chocolate eggs, I guarantee they won’t disappoint your little Easter bunnies!

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