16 Jul '18, 11am

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles – Authentic Teochew Fare https://t.co/CMtYGZ8UIK

Started by 60-year-old Ah Hua, Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles features authentic Teochew fishball noodles prepared with handmade ingredients. Uncle Ah Hua started his business from scratch, where he tweaked his father’s recipe for handmade fish dumplings and homemade traditional fishball noodles. He took it one step further and even came up with his own handmade yong tau foo. The business took off and he was managing 5 stalls island-wide, and a central factory. Owing to the economic downturn, the success was short-lived as he had to sell his assets to make ends meet.

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