23 Jul '18, 6pm

Nonna Betta Rome – Kosher Style Cuisine In Rome’s Jewish Ghetto https://t.co/wgz77671sO

Nonna Betta Rome has quite a reputation. When I was doing my itinerary research for my family Europe trip, the restaurant popped out several times. It had the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s stamp of approval and was repeatedly recommended by Katie Parla for its Kosher-style cuisine in Rome’s Jewish Ghetto. The restaurant owner is a Roman Jew and Nonna Betta was actually the name of his grandmother. We decided to make a stopover while we are exploring the Ghetto to refuel for lunch. The place wasn’t tough to find, you just have to look for Anthony Bourdain.

Full article: https://www.aspirantsg.com/nonna-betta-rome/


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