13 Aug '11, 7am

@nylorack @shayanewong the few prata shops left

this shop make me unhappy enough to google it to make give any feeback. the service is unacceptable. the food is alright but made awful by the service. the staff are arrogant. though i understand its during the busy period when i went, they simply take the customers as people begging them for their prata. IT IS OVER RATED. so many newspaper cutting on their wall boosting their psychological image in peoples mind. yet eaily proven to be a flop in the service industry. a definitely no-no. i got nothing against them. just stating the fact. waited 45 mins for food to arrive before drinks. waited 20 mins for someone to take my orders. came the wrong order and 'force' to accept it. sorry but f-up attitude. gone are the days when this prata stall is a heartmwarming kampong place.

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