26 Apr '13, 3am

NEW POST * : Owner behind Yummy Claypot opens Yummy Recipes

Yummy Claypot fans, listen up! Famous for their yummy claypot dishes, owner of Yummy Claypot is making waves in the F&B industry again with the opening of its up market Chinese restaurant – YUMMY RECIPES . Although it was located in the industrial estate, it is not difficult to spot Yummy Recipes. The hundred years old elm main door welcomes you to the restaurant with its wooden floorboards that are made from century old recycle planks of railway sleepers which are quality hardwood that are still in a perfect condition.

Full article: http://www.misstamchiak.com/yummy-recipes/


yummy fashion... like my new sneakers?

yummy fashion... like my new sneakers?

instagram.com 30 Apr '13, 12am

I wonder how big your wardrobe is seriously you have so many shoes and clothes

RECIPES: Great stir-fry dishes for runners

RECIPES: Great stir-fry dishes for runners

runnersworld.com 25 Apr '13, 5pm

When you're tired and hungry, the quickest way to a perfect recovery meal may be in a single pan: a wok. "Stir-frying is t...

Only one left! Who's going to be the lucky owner?

kaightshop.com 28 Apr '13, 6pm

Welcome to the online store of Kaight, an independently-owned boutique located in New York City, and a pioneer retailer in...