17 Jun '13, 3am

Packed lunch – open-faced egg sandwich

Packed lunch – open-faced egg sandwich

(which by the way is a very good cookbook), she had a recipe for an open-faced egg sandwich which was no frills and classic. Most importantly, making this sandwich requires ingredients that are found in almost every household – bread, egg and yoghurt. I decide to play around with the recipe and add a Middle Eastern twist to it. It is a tad bit more effort but this is not your boring, ordinary egg sandwich. You will be amazed how playing around with a few ingredients can produce a simple yet delicious meal. You can pack the ingredients separately and bring them to the office. When you open your lunch box, you will be the envy of your colleagues.

Full article: http://chubbyhubby.net/recipes/packed-lunch-open-faced-eg...


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