09 Oct '11, 1pm

#sgfoodreview Pizzeria Mozza

#sgfoodreview Pizzeria Mozza

Conversation was almost non existent with shouting the preferred method of communication. Simply put, you had to shout about the din to have someone sitting a mere 2 metres away to actually hear you. I attribute that to the ridiculously loud pipe music. For crying out loud, I'm in a pizzeria, not a bar and I definitely don't appreciate literally yelling at people and being yelled at to get a conversation going. And with the whole place trying to do their part for the environment by saving on electricity bills, the whole place had the pub vibe going for them. But wait.. isn't it suppose to be a pizzeria?

Full article: http://www.timelessfacade.com/2011/10/pizzeria-mozza.html


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