17 Dec '11, 4pm

Fresh! : Opening stuck jars of Marmite

Fresh! : Opening stuck jars of Marmite

I like Marmite. Most friends from overseas know that and would, to my utter delight, bring a jar from abroad when they visit. My favorite would be a jar of XO Marmite presented to me by Su-Lin of Tamarind and Thyme . Of course, the huge jar of Marmite from New Zealand (from a Swiss friend who had her wedding there) is also my favorite; mainly because it tastes very different: rich yet lighter, even the color is different, chocolatey brown instead of mud brown or black. You can tell that, for me, next to Marmalade and Pâté , there’s nothing finer to put on hot buttered toast. A tradition of mine would be to have a hot buttered Marmite toast with strong black coffee on Christmas night watching the telly. Of course, one of the most troubling thing about Marmite jars is that the lids tend to get stuck something wicked after a long period of refrigeration. First thought was a v...

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serialdeviant.org 20 Dec '11, 1pm

in Singapore. I’ve been using the train since it started service in the 80s, and this is the first time I’ve heard of ongo...