26 Jan '14, 11am

@Mrpoppycock quick google gave me this

Turkish Ice Cream for the umpteenth time! I had a mixture of flavours in a cup. I was walking around while waiting to get into clubs. The weather is pretty hot thus the ice cream meltst pretty quickly. I just love the unique taste of this. The smooth and slightly chewy texture of the ice cream and its' aroma is a real attraction to my taste bud. The flavours are pretty new with mango. I had chocolate and pistachio as well. Just too great!

Full article: http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/turkish-ice-c...


#SMURFIES wanna go?!

groupon.sg 25 Jan '14, 12pm

Premium Ice Cream

groupon.sg 22 Jan '14, 1am

SOLD! La Mer eye cream at a whopping 30% discount.

ebay.com.sg 26 Jan '14, 4pm

A new box of La Mer eye cream. Manufactured on April 2013. I received this as a birthday present, but do not use eye cream...