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Delicious Sichuan classics at new eatery at 112 Katong

Delicious Sichuan classics at new eatery at 112 Katong

Click on thumbnails below to see pictures of more dishes at Xiao La Jiao: There are few full-fledged Sichuan restaurants in Singapore where the restaurant management, food quality and hygiene standards could be regarded as decent. Step into the kitchen of a Sichuan or Mala hotpot eatery run by China PRs in old shophouses and you'll get what I mean. Despite a good kitchen and restaurant system, the well-known upmarket Sichuan restaurant Si Chuan Dou Hua and its two other outlets are offering Cantonese cuisine too. So it's wonderful news for Sichuan food lovers when Xiao La Jiao opened in the new 112 Katong mall. It's a budget, family-style Sichuan restaurant run with Singapore standards of restaurant management. That's because it's part of the growing Creative Eateries group of restaurants, which has an impressive collection of eateries today. Xiao La Jiao kitchen is staffe...

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