30 Jul '14, 4am

How to Make Sio Bak Using Philips Airfryer

How to Make Sio Bak Using Philips Airfryer

I wished I got a bigger piece of meat from the market (better visual impact) but it was a spur of the moment to make sio bak so I can only make do with the long strips of pork belly from supermarket. I am so happy that Philips Airfryer has recently introduced a XL version. Larger cooking capacity means more great tasting meals (it has 1.2kg capacity which can feed up to 5 people)! Its unique Rapid Air technology enables you to fry with air food crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The skin bubbled well and when we cut it, it has a lovely crisp and a lightly charred flavour. My grandpa and aunties bit onto the skin with that crackling sound and it was such a joy to hear!

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Time to make the donuts.

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