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京都排骨 Jin Du Pai Gu (Kyoto Pork Ribs) Recipe | ieatishootipost:

For the sake of clarification, there is also a dish called Kyoto pork ribs which originated in China. It is made from prime ribs in a traditional “烧汁” sauce. Chef Hooi’s version is different in that he uses pork loin instead of prime ribs. There is also the sprinkling of sesame seeds which is also associated with Tonkatsu. The sauce is also different as it uses HP or A1 sauce reflecting the British colonial influence in Singapore at the time. As with most dishes in Singapore, our short history means that most of the dishes created here are really modifications of dishes from Chinese, Malay, Indian and British origins. There really is nothing new under the sun. Even the Japanese Tonkatsu was derived from the Portugese. But when you talk about Tonkatsu, no one will doubt that it is a Japanese dish. It’s the same for our beloved 排骨王 which is one of our favourite Cze Char dishes.

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