21 Sep '14, 2pm

Dimsum lunch @ Yan Palace #holistic cooking

Dimsum lunch @ Yan Palace #holistic cooking

And so we had a family lunch to celebrate father-in-law’s birthday. We had dimsum at old-school Cantonese restaurant Yan Palace. Didn’t realize that it’d already been 4 years since our last visit . Am happy to report that the quality of the dimsum is consistent with what we had previously (thumbs up for consistency!). Although prices seem to be slightly higher, overall, prices are still very reasonable and good value. I found that the best items are the prawn items. Crunchy, sweet and succulent, the prawns in the dimsum were exceedingly fresh and plump. They were still bouncy and juicy even when eaten 3 hours later (we packed some food home cos there were leftovers)! Prawn, mango & almond balls Deep-fried prawn dumpling Banana & prawn roll Steamed siew mai Steamed Teochew dumplings Steamed yam cake XO sauce fried radish cake Baked char siew puff Besides the items above, we...

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