26 Sep '14, 6am



Vegetarian food is no big deal but when it’s raw, creative and delicious? Enter Afterglow – a plant-based, farm-to-table eatery with a cool, industrial vibe complete with the ubiquitous bike-hanging-on-the-wall thingy which cafes seem very fond of these days. I really enjoyed the food but our bill was rather pricey for the quantity. Hopefully we will see more copycats of Afterglow around soon – healthy competition is always a good thing!

Full article: http://myfoodsirens.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/afterglow/


Anya II

zemotion.deviantart.com 25 Sep '14, 10pm

framing of the face by the hair, the unity of the colors in the model and the contrast to the background, and the angular ...