28 Nov '14, 4pm

Shi Li Fang - an indivdual hot pot dining experience in town

*** Li Fang offers a large variety of items priced very reasonably suitable for either that quick lunch or that leisurely dinner. Items are sold a la carte, which means that you pay for what you eat. One of the things that i liked was that you get individual hot pots and even within the individual hot pots one can choose two different kinds of soup. I tried both the "ma la" spicy soup and the more toned down mushroom soup and it allowed me to mix and match each soup with the item that I wanted to eat. Other than crayfish, squid, premium beef cuts, the one dish that you have to try when you get there is their specialty chicken, which after boiling in the soup still stings of "ma la" as it is marinated deep into the meat. Expect friendly and family like service at your visit.

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good value for money buffet at [email protected]

hungrygowhere.com 29 Nov '14, 8am

Located at the new Hotel Jen on Orchard Road, this in house hotel buffet serves a fair variety of food with really good pr...