06 Apr '11, 4pm

By @camemberu - Meatworks - Midpriced 'Meatery' at ION Orchard

Photo: Me with Ian Wright, travel host for Discovery Travel & Living. You know how we love to take travel photos? I think good food deserves to be recorded and remembered too - travel for your tastebuds! That's why I started this food blog with the philosophy "every meal an adventure!" This Singapore food blog has grown to feature travel and eateries in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and more. My dream is to travel, eat and photograph my way through Japan and major food cities around the world. To see the world through food and culture. So what's "Camemberu"? It's the way Japanese pronounce Camembert, the French cheese. I absolutely love all things Japanese. They often add their own twist to something foreign and create something totally phenomenal. Meanwhile, enjoy browsing and leave me a comment to let me know you were here!

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