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Lot Twenty – Perth’s Newest Hipster Bar All About Local Produce #australia #happyaustraliaday #perth

Hi, just came across your interesting review on Tian Tian vs Ah Tai chicken rice which I’m about to try today at Maxwell Food centre and saw this review of Lot 20. It’s one of the places I head to whenever I’m back in Perth. Great vibe, nice staff, champagne by the glass served at the perfect frosty/ice-cold temperature, plus freshly-shucked oysters by Perth’s famous Jerry Fraser. Before I left Perth recently, I had the BEST oysters from Jerry I’ve ever tasted (even better than any I’ve had in specialty oyster bars in Paris!). They were rock oysters I think, small but absolutely bursting with intense flavour, and reminded me of the concentrated flavour of sea urchin roe. Looking forward to going back to Perth now! Thanks for the great reviews and photos!

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2014/11/22/lottwenty/


Have a pool party in the newest platform. #inourshoes SHOP NOW:

Have a pool party in the newest platform. #inou...

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All of our heels have extra padding under the insole to cushion the bottom of your foot Our heels are graded to maintain a...

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar

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20 Running Shoes I'd Like to Try in 2015:

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