22 Feb '15, 2pm

Strawberry Aliens | Weelicious via @weelicious

Strawberry Aliens | Weelicious via @weelicious

How many times have you gone to a bake sale with your kids and gasped at the huge amount of sugar and white flour on the table? I will generally grit my teeth and let the kids pick out one treat hoping they will pick one of the more sensible bake sale choices, but it’s not easy. With all of the brownies, cookies, cakes and pies set right at kids’ eye level, it can be challenging to send a positive message about balance with so many gluttonous choices in front of you. Then I heard about Bolthouse Farms UnBake Sale initiative, a new twist on traditional bake sales that celebrates fruits and veggies. It’s in response to the Smart Snacks in School regulation which sets the daily nutritional standards for the drinks and foods sold during a child’s school day, including bake sales. Ready to host your UnBake Sale to get your school involved and start building a healthier generati...

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