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If you’re trying to get your picky eater to eat their vegetables, then you need to try these Veggie Bunnies. After all, who’s notorious for eating all of the vegetables in your garden patch? I would bet it’s a bunch of Veggie Bunnies! Now what if I told you your family and child’s school could take part in Bolthouse Farms UnBake Sale and join the 100 School Pledge making tons of these fun fruit and vegetable inspired recipes like this one that your kids will want to eat? We want the foods we feed our kids to taste and feel good in their bodies, but we also want them to be fun and these Veggie Bunnies are not only tasty with their edamame eyes, cucumber ears, jicama faces and tons of Bolthouse Farms carrots all around, but they will be as good as gone in minutes! For more information on how to host your own school UnBake Sale go here and if you’re pressed for time and need ...

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Kura Smoothies Giveaway | Weelicious

Kura Smoothies Giveaway | Weelicious

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You know what happens when you’re pregnant? You want to drink smoothies all of the time! At least that’s what happens to m...