16 Mar '15, 12pm

@_tiffanyhwang -googles waaa damn far

I usually go to place in Tiong Bahru for Chili Crab. For me the taste of Chili Crab there suits Indonesian tongue better than other place. Many Indonesians also go to this place for chili crab (including our former Lady President). However as it's not a halal place, I always look for other place that serve a tasty and halal chili crab. When I dropped by to Singapore in September, my friend brought me to Rest Kampong Chai Chee in 303 Changi. He never eat the chili crab in Tiong Bahru so he couldn't really compare it. So then I tried. Alamak, it tastes really good! It's so tasty and the best thing that it's Halal! I update my Blackberry status with that and it turned out that many of my friends also a regular customer. Recommended for those who look for tasty and halal chili crab and other seafood dishes!

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