15 Apr '11, 2pm

#sgfoodreview TGIFridays

#sgfoodreview TGIFridays

I ordered this with much excitement as I'm just a sucker for anything with macaroni and cheese in the same line. I was secretly hoping that it would turn out like the mind blowing mac and cheese from The White Rabbit, even though that wasn't fried. Alas, it wasn't (duh!). But I still loved it anyways. Very cheesy with a crisp, deep fried flour shell encapsulating a gooey center of mac and cheese. Absolutely lip smacking! Definitely not for the health conscious or the anti junk food crusaders (now you know why I've been growing horizontally).

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#sgfoodreview DB Bistro Moderne

#sgfoodreview DB Bistro Moderne

timelessfacade.com 10 Apr '11, 1pm

Is it just me or is the size of the patty a little on the large side? Alright, large is a ridiculous understatement. The e...

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#sgfoodreview Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

#sgfoodreview Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cu...

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