18 Apr '11, 9am

晚上省時只煮地瓜飯。備晚餐料時,想著要畫圖還是拍照就好?今天買了很多漂亮的蔬菜,下午也收到眾海鮮們的照片,發現原來有一本 Justin cookbook (http://www.chubbyhubby.net/blog/?p=311 ),決定要設法拿到手(登愣)

all-time favourite desserts is crème brûlée. It’s also a dish that I’ve found challenging to perfect. As many of you know, my wife S and I have an insane number of cookbooks, close to 400 at last count. We’ve tried a huge host of crème brûlée recipes written by some of the world’s best chefs. Most fall into two categories, i.e. two cooking methods. The first, most common method is to prepare a custard on your stovetop that you pour into ramekins and then cool until set. The other way is to combine your ingredients, divide them into ramekins and then bake them in a water-bath. Both work, but I’ve always found that the crèmes made with the first method tend to be a tad heavy. And because I tend to be a bit of a klutz, I get a tad nervous working with preparations that require me to not only balance large trays of water but also put them in and pull them out of an oven.

Full article: http://www.chubbyhubby.net/blog/?p=311