31 May '15, 12pm

@FemaleAgentSR Sambal Kangkong Recipe. please share, it is Korean food recipe.

Hello Wiffy, you are on vacation again?! Lucky you :-) pls share with us more food adventures… Ever since I chanced upon ur blog a nth ago, I hv been trying your recipes each wkend. Today I fried kangkong for the first time! One non spicy plate for my boys n one spicy plate for hubby n I …. I also boiled samgyetang using Ellena Guan’s recipe…. Thanks to generous folks like you that I have more ideas on what dishes to cook fir my family over the weekends. Thanks! Michelle

Full article: http://www.noobcook.com/sambal-kangkong/2/


Singapore Noodles Recipe

Singapore Noodles Recipe

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Cooking considered as an art.All people doesn’t have this talent.Don’t worry, when you have very little talent for cooking...

Southwest Style Breakfast Hot Pockets #recipe

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In a large bowl, combine the flour, salt, pepper and baking powder. Cut in the vegan margarine until the mixture is crumbl...

This @weelicious recipe is one of my faves when we bring meals to our #postpartum students - yum!! We do meatless

This @weelicious recipe is one of my faves when...

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Super Bowl is here and so is the stress of feeding a huge crowd of people coming over to your house to watch the game. Who...

#Recipe: Mum's Singapore #Laksa #homemade styled by @heidileon cooked by me.

#Recipe: Mum's Singapore #Laksa #homemade style...

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I remember my mother and grandmother always slaving over the stoves and grinding all sorts of spices in the motar. Our kit...