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Seoul Roll – Jinja? Korean Kimbap Kiosk At Raffles City

Seoul Roll – Jinja? Korean Kimbap Kiosk At Raffles City

Jinja? Korean Kimbap or Gimbap can be found at this modern Modern Korean rice roll kiosk Seoul Roll at the basement of Raffles City. ‘Kim’ means fried seaweed while ‘bap’ refers to rice. Kimbap can be filled with anything from seasoned and fresh vegetables, egg, tuna, chicken, crab sticks to meat, usually eaten like as a light meal. The Korean Rice Roll looks very similar to the Japanese sushi, but I know of Korean friends who do not like that association. Seoul Roll serves a variety of 8 types for the moment, including Spicy Pork, Nuts & Anchovy, Crab Salad, Cuttlefish, Bulgogi, Crispy Shrimp and Tuna Salad. Price range from $4 to $4.50. After ordering, owner Stella Jung would cut them up into centimeter thick slices, pack them into boxes for takeaway. Between the signature Seoul Roll with spam as the key ingredient, I preferred the tuna or crab salad. Perhaps because the...

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@BTS0222 thought of you when I saw this

@BTS0222 thought of you when I saw this

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- Enjoy the flexibility of our 30-day free returns policy! Simply pack the item, with its original packaging and tags, and...

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