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Pu3 Restaurant – Nasi Ambeng in Bencoolen

Pu3 Restaurant – Nasi Ambeng in Bencoolen

To make good nasi ampeng, the most important and basic ingredient is the rendang. And by having an excellent rendang is half the battle won. I prefer this restaurant’s nasi ambeng than East Village’s one because the beef rendang is softer and has a more tender bite. Its curry chicken is cooked in a fragrant and slightly spicy coconut gravy. I like that the meat is infused in the gravy. Other dishes include daging, sambal goreng, terung, paru, bagerdil, sambal kachang ikan bilis, serunding, udang, urap, sambal belachan and ikan kering.

Full article: http://www.misstamchiak.com/pu3-nasi-ambeng/


Pu3 Restaurant @ Bencoolen Street

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