26 Sep '15, 1pm

“Shondesh” in West Bengal, “Sandesh” elsewhere, Cheese Fudge is the closest translation.

On every street corner is a shop, where you can see the heaps of very attractive “sweets” neatly arranged on shelves, mostly in a pyramid. Sometimes in the shops you will be able to see the sweets in making. I come from a small town. There still exists a shop there, named “Mahesh Moira “, which must be almost 100 years old, run by a family which sells the best stuff in the town. They do not have lot of variety, only a very few kind of the best “Shondesh”, Rasgulla & Misthti Doi (Sweet Yogurt). They also have not allowed the modernization touch them. This is a shop worth an experience, a visual & a sensual treat. There are different section of the store where one can see the workers do different things. One corner there is someone is boiling & coagulating the milk to make the “Chenna” – the first step. Next comes the kneading of the cheese, which is done on enormous wooden ...

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very appetizing recipe

very appetizing recipe

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This tangy Nonya dish is a good appetite-booster especially for those who are feeling under the weather. If you wish, you ...