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Types of Laksa - #SG #sgfood #singapore #laksa

Types of Laksa - #SG #sgfood #singapore #laksa

I posted this a while back on the Makansutra Forum . As they have a tendency to remove inactive posts, I thought I’d capture it here to share with you the different types of Laksa to be found in Singapore and my take (dislikes and likes) of them all. There are many minor (to me) variants of Laksa, so this is a generalization and as is most often the case when I generalize, I don’t really (really really) care. Anyway: Rempah-based Laksa (Sarawak) This is not often encountered, but to use a word to describe the taste (of the broth) I am looking for is “Earthiness”. The sweet, warm and Earthy taste that can only come from good Rempah that has been fried perfectly. Assam-based Laksa (Penang) “Sour, tempered by the salty sweetish tuna” is what I am looking for in the broth. The taste of the fish (usually browned canned tuna) is a must. It should be light, deeply satisfying yet ...

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The best laksa stall in Singapore, according to Dr Leslie Tay! #sgfood #sg #singapore #sgfoodreview #laksa

The best laksa stall in Singapore, according to...

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Out of curiosity, I asked my Malay friends what a’ janggut’ was, and they told me that it was supposed to be a beard! Yet,...