22 Feb '16, 2pm

6StoneJars: Ah Cai Shi Mu Yu Du 阿财虱目鱼肚 – Legendary milkfish belly that only opens at 10pm!: TAIPEI, TAIWAN — L... https://t.co/h2i0mFoiu3

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Like many great food stalls and restaurants in Taipei, Ah Cai Shi Mu Yu 阿财虱目鱼 standing on Neijiang Street is easily missed by tourists. It is famous throughout many locals in Taipei, and the lines outside can run to more than 20 people. We only found the stall because we stayed in one of the Airbnb apartment right above the eatery. Every night when we come back, we would see the queue outside this eatery. It got us really tempted, so we decided to join the queue. Milkfish is very popular in Taiwan, and the fish can be used to make many different dishes. Almost all parts of the milk fish can be used, no wonder some call it the fish of champion. Sometimes, it can be garnished with slices of ginger and cooked into a broth. Sometimes, it can be used in congee. Here, they are either braised or pan fried. Our favourite is the pan-fried version of milkfish belly ...

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