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@PurpleCarrot_NT @BillNigh most of the items in this watercress noobrecipe can be found at your Asian grocer's!

hello this looks delicious! id love to make this however i have a question please: after questioning what wolfberries were and discovering they are simply gojiberries, to me this would seem the soup is going to have a sweet taste! if i like can i leave out the seemingly-to-me sweet dates and the berries and do a simple pork bone and watercress soup? i would flavor with salt only . . if this soup is not sweet at all please tell me and i will go ahead and try anyways! is this something i could accomplish with tasty results, a simple pork bone and watercress soup? your thoughts please :)

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Sarki, Indian Spiced Cucumber Soup #recipe #video

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Korean #Ginseng #Chicken Soup (Samgyetang) Recipe

Korean #Ginseng #Chicken Soup (Samgyetang) Recipe

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To me, it’s really important to use fresh ginseng to make samgyetang. The dried ones I tried were “heaty”, expensive, and ...