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Corningware Retroflam – Char Kway Teow & Claypot Rice Recipes (PLUS GIVEAWAY) https://t.co/vkCqnXAl4d

Made in Korea from quality materials in a five thick layers of coating consisting of cast aluminum, black titanium, and sparkling pearl ceramic coating on the interior and exterior of the cookware. Corningware® Retroflam has specially designed radiating grooves on the base to allow for even distribution of heat, hence food is evenly cooked. Aluminum is great for thermal conductivity, ensuring energy efficiency; while titanium is strong and non-toxic. This is especially good when I am cooking my fish, it won’t get burnt on just one side. There is faster and healthier cooking turnaround time which leads to lowers energy consumption.

Full article: http://www.misstamchiak.com/corningware-retroflam/


[NEW] Claypot tofu with vegetables #Recipe:

[NEW] Claypot tofu with vegetables #Recipe:

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Posted by wiffy on July 20, 2016 Get this recipe on the next page >> Claypot tofu (煲仔豆腐) is a favourite local tze char dis...