26 Oct '16, 10am

Neato – Custard Lava Puffs At North Canal Road. Some Flow, Some Don’t https://t.co/RdYLcUTgot

The first time I went, early in the morning, I was told, “We run out of puffs…” (WHAT?! Actually, it was the owner who told the server to tell us, which I thought could have been done directly, or at least with more tact, because the owner was only 2 metres away.)

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2016/10/26/neato/


Cheers as man who fell in canal at Bukit Panjan...

straitstimes.com 27 Oct '16, 9am

SINGAPORE - A man was rescued after falling into a large drain and injuring his leg at Bukit Panjang last Saturday (Oct 22...