17 Nov '12, 1am

The pretentiousness of brunch happy weekend everyone

Every weekend, my Instagram and Facebook feeds are flooded with photos of brunch outings where every food item seems to come with a blinking poached egg. What puzzles me is how an entire generation of people who grew up eating chee cheong fan and nasi lemak for breakfast can suddenly be in love with the concept of having bacon, eggs and grilled vegetables all day. How did Western breakfast become so trendy that Singaporeans started going across town to chi-chi places just to have it? Somewhere between my mother’s French toast and the revolutionary rise of the hot-water-cooked egg in hollandaise sauce, I must have missed the memo about brunch.

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Blogged. Epicurious brunch.

Blogged. Epicurious brunch.

nicolekiss.blogspot.com 19 Nov '12, 10am

Last month I visited the Epicurious Brunch at Bangsar Shopping Centre which was a gastronomical affair for all foodies. On...