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Nanjing Impressions – Indulge in Culinary Delights from Nanjing https://t.co/ZpRXreRqqB

Going deeper into the restaurant brings you to the main area that seats about 300 guests, with a few 4-seater semi-private booths at the sides. You will notice a stage at the far end where Nanjing musicians will be performing during lunch and dinner hours. There are also two VIP rooms which seat 10 guests each. There are also some “stalls” where you get to watch the chefs work their magic. You can order from them directly as well. Just place your table number tags at their counters and the food will be served to your table. The chefs at Singapore’s Nanjing Impressions are all locals who have been sent to Nanjing for training for 4 months. They have to constantly pass examinations while mastering the traditional recipes. Very minor changes have been made to the food to cater to Singaporeans’ tastebuds, but the original taste of Huaiyang flavours are still distinct.

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