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These mini meatloaf bites with just a dot of ketchup on top will satisfy everyone!

Hello! I just wanted to say that I love your website – you offer good ideas and this is a great place to turn to when you’re stumped for the next food idea for your baby/toddler. I’ve tried many recipes from this site since my son was a baby. He is now almost 2. However, I recently noticed that some of the recipes just don’t “work” — either flavor-wise or texture-wise. In the last 6 or 7 recipes, I’ve had to adjust the proportions of ingredients, change something or add something in, in order for the recipe to “work.” Now, I know very well that toddlers go through tremendous changes with their taste buds — one day, they’ll lovelovelove something, the next day, they’ll hate the same exact thing. But even for an adult tasting some of these recipes, I can see that there are things that can make things just a little bit more toddler-friendly, and still stay within the healthy ...

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Monday Mini-Goals and Meal Prep?

Monday Mini-Goals and Meal Prep?

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Hello! How are you doing? I’m good and hunkered down inside because of the rain. Is this El Nino or what????!?! I’ve lived...

2017: The Year of the Chicken

2017: The Year of the Chicken

triplepundit.com 19 Jan '17, 9am

Chickens at Hilliker Ranch Eggs in San Diego, California, U.S., March 28, 2015. By Kenny Torrella According to the Chinese...

Celebrate #NationalPeanutButterDay with this chicken satay recipe from @pipandnut!

Celebrate #NationalPeanutButterDay with this ch...

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Photography by Adrian Lawrence Getting your protein fix doesn't have to mean plain chicken breasts and boring boiled eggs!...