28 Nov '12, 8am

Doutor's Delicious Mille Crepe and Other Goodies #food #travel #japanese #marinabay #coffee

Photo: Me with Ian Wright, my travel hero and host for Discovery TLC. What's "Camemberu"? It's the way the Japanese pronounce Camembert, the French cheese. Yes, I unabashedly love all things Japanese - the food, culture, people and spirit. They often add their own twist to something foreign and create something totally phenomenal. This Singapore food blog also features travel and eateries in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. And if that's not complicated enough, occasionally I veer off into my other loves - books, movies, tech, games, gadgets, and my kids. I currently do freelance writing and/or photography. My articles have appeared on CNNgo.com and Yahoo Makanation. Occasionally I give the Foodie Lunch Pick on radio 93.8LIVE. Meanwhile, いただきます!Enjoy browsing and leave me a comment too!

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