30 Mar '17, 11pm

15 Pratas Worth the Weight Gain – Forget about that Diet! https://t.co/J8OoOxNzzh

Mr Mohgan has been making prata for more than 30 years. He makes his own dough, cooks the curry and flips the prata all by himself. Moderately thick and pan fried till a beautiful brown, the pratas here are fresh and SUPER CRISPY. They have 3 types of curry – mutton, fish and dhal. Let them know in advance which curry you will like to have, upon ordering. If not, you will be given dhal which has the right consistency.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/prata-singapore/


Forget The Terminator

Forget The Terminator

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A Wedding Buffet You Will Never Forget

A Wedding Buffet You Will Never Forget

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