20 Jun '17, 11am

Mr Lor Bak – Comforting Lu Rou Fan for a Happy Belly https://t.co/7evtLoYYCU

The pork belly was mouthwateringly tender and had a good ratio of meat to fat. The meat was stringy and came apart easily. One unique point of Mr Lor Bak is that they serve black fungus along with the dish. Mr Liou told us that the crunchy black fungus helps to reduce the ‘heaviness’ of the dish due to the contrast in texture that it provides. I would recommend adding on dry pickled chinese vegetables for $0.50. Cooked with orange peel and old garlic, it has a light and tangy taste that is refreshing.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/mr-lor-bak/


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